Clingy Tree

Once upon a time there was a young man, who traveled the world. He was in his early 20s when he met the clingy tree. Everything about this tree seemed perfectly normal. The tree had roots, a stem, branches, leaves and in summer, it had bright red fruits. Filling the scene with vivid colors.

However, what most passersbyers do not notice, is that this tree was no ordinary tree. When this tree got what it wanted, it was satisfied and happy. But when its expectations were not met, the leaves started to decay, and the tree started to hibernate. The expectations made it vulnerable, but through the vulnerabilities it became stronger over time.

The tree became used to the seasons, preparing each year to have enough energy to survive the winter and blossom in spring. It kept living in perfect harmony. Not wanting or expecting anymore then what was needed, it had found its perfect balance.

Balancing your relationships, is like taking care of the tree. Giving it too much water will make it defoliate and wilt. Giving not enough will make it wither. Be like the seasons for the tree and find your balance, there is no need to suffer.

If I can let go of desire I can allow change to happen. Allowing change to happen will let me live in the moment. To rid myself of expectations is to free my mind and soul and to become open to the world.

To get rid of my clingy behavior I must become less fearful of change and accept how things are in the moment, and enjoy every moment as it is.

Accepting that there is no water to fill the thirst of desire. Accepting that whatever is missing, might or might not be filled in the future and therefore it is best for my mind to let go and my heart to open. Allowing myself to love a person that is special to me, and to appreciate the moment I have with this person when I have it and accept that it might not always be the case.

Desire is like an empty barrel waiting to be filled with water in a desert, never getting filled. Letting go means allowing the barrel to never get filled and instead enjoy the experience how being itself, rolling around freely and aimlessly, allowing yourself to be what you are. Letting the barrel be a barrel and not a container.

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